Vacation part 3 – The U.P.

I am not known for being a morning person.  Hubby gets up around 7 and needs coffee.  I open my eyes around 9 and slowly get moving from there.  The motels we stayed at served breakfast usually until 10 or 10:30 with check out shortly after that.  We rarely got on the road before 11.

That was the point of this trip – slow, relaxed, no agenda, travel.

We did have a reservation for a B&B on Tuesday night though, so we couldn’t dilly dally all day like we had been.

Crossing the Mackinac Bridge was the only time we HAD to get on the Interstate.  I75 – yep, the same one that runs through Tampa!

Mackinac Bridge

I only got a picture of the bridge after we went over it.  Did you know this bridge is 199 feet off the water?  The Sunshine Skyway in Tampa is 197 feet above the water.  I had to look this up to settle a minor disagreement between me and hubby!

We got our first look at Lake Superior in the town of Munising, MI also know for being at the southern end of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.  There were many waterfalls to hike to and we did a couple of short hikes.  Cell phone reception in this part of the world is spotty at best, so we stopped at the visitors center and got some old fashioned maps of area.


We continued along Lake Superior to just north of Baraga, MI.  Scenic overlooks, or as they are known in Michigan, wayside parks, were some of our favorite “stretch” breaks.  Ken got gorgeous photos of some of the fall foliage, lake side panarama’s, and just the beautiful scenery that surrounded us in the Upper Penisula!

I had booked our B&B through a company called AirBnB – a good friend of ours works for them.  Let me just say, buyer beware.  Although the property and house were absolutely fantastic, some of the amenities were not fully disclosed this particular owner’s website.  Suffice to say we only stayed one of the two nights we had booked.

We did, however, continue our exploration of the U.P.  Ken wanted to see where Hwy 41 ended (or starts) so we drove north to the town of Copper Harbor.  If you continue past Copper Harbor for about 2 miles, Hwy 41 comes to a dead end.  There is a big sign telling you that this is the beginning of the highway and the end is 1990 miles south in Miami, FL.  Fun little side trip we will always remember!

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