Vacation part 2 – Making memories

As we pull out from the motel, I spy with my little eye, a lime green sign…


Now this trip is NOT about quilt shops, but this one begged for a visit!  I met the owner (who is TALLER than me!) and added a bit to my fabric stash.

We continued up the eastern shore of Lake Michigan and about lunch time, came to the small town of Manistee, MI.  We grabbed some food from the local A&W and found a lake shore park to enjoy our picnic lunch.


There was a jetty jutting out into the lake so we took a stroll out into Lake Michigan.

Jetty Lake Michigan

If you weren’t careful, the waves would hit the jetty and splash you!  I captured a tiny little splash in the photo above…

We continued toward Mackinaw City through Traverse City.  Summer is road construction time in Michigan, so it took us over an hour to get through Traverse City.  After that traffic jam, we only made it to Charlevoix before we stopped for the evening.

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